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If you have a garage door, one of garage door repairman fixing door openerthese days it’s going to break, and you will be stuck. Unfortunately, when you’re in a jam like that you won’t have that to shop around for the best garage door repairman, but here are a few things you should look at when choosing one.

  • Check out a company’s reviews. Sometimes a disgruntled customer wrongfully gives bad review, but it the company has a lot of bad reviews, it’s a bad thing.
  • Ask if they use subcontractors. Many companies are not really in the business, but rather pass the work out to whomever they can find. This means less accountability and poorer quality service. One way you can tell if they use subcontractors is when you contact the office, ask if there is someone who can answer a few questions about garage doors. If they cannot find anyone who will at least get back to you, it means they only  have someone answer the phone, and that they run their business on a shoestring.
  • How long have they been fixing garage doors? Naturally the longer the better. You might also inquire as to how much experience a company has.
  • Do they try to “upsell”? A lot of companies will quote you one thing, but will try to get you to buy a lot of more expensive stuff when they get there.

Sometimes a garage door repairman can walk you through a few adjustments, but most things really do need a professional.

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